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The Horror!

Sometimes you just have to feel for a guy.

Case in point
This poor guy, can’t get by on a measly $200,000/yr from his private ventures.  To go with his $174,000 government salary with full benefits, and pension for life.  Yeah, he claims to invest $400,000 back into his businesses, which is a good thing but that is not the point.

Here’s the point, in 2006 the real median income across this great nation of ours was, $50,233 according to the census bureau.  Yes, he’s a job creator, yes he helps pay some people their median income to get by, but if anyone has been paying attention the last 30+ years…no one can get by on median income regardless of where you live!

Where I live, median income is $80,000 or in that ball park.  Sounds like a lot right, well above national average.  But our property taxes and cost of living are significantly higher than everywhere else in the country.  Therefore if you make median income, you probably need public assistance to feed your family, or you’re renting a place that is way too small for your family.

Taxes are a slipper slope.  It is safe to say that no one in this country would stand for the level of taxation that those up north in Canada are subjected to, or in most of the developed nations in Western Europe.  However they also have less of a gap between the well to do, and the median if you will.  Of course they have their rich, as they should but the divide across the board isn’t as wide.

But the fact that people who earn their income ‘in a certain way’ are taxed at nearly half the rate of the rest of us, is pretty pathetic.  Capital gains is currently taxed at 15%.  My effective tax rate was 25% last year.  I can assure you that the 10% gap between the guy who earned all their income via capital gains and me who earned it the old fashion way was felt harder in my life than his.

The irony of the article is the the Rep. from Louisiana states that

“Class warfare’s never created a job”

Of course not.  Which is why it makes it that much more puzzling the actions of both parties to protect big business at every turn, give kickbacks, incentives and loopholes to those who can afford it the best.  While the rest of us have basically had our insurance hiked, our taxes hiked, our salaries cut, our benefits cut, our 401k’s plundered and pensions eliminated.  Now they are after Social Security and collective bargaining rights.  So class warfare has never created a single job which is what makes the current climate that much more puzzling considering that the ruling class has been waging war on the working class for 30+ years and they wonder why our economy is hemorrhaging jobs like never before.

To listen to Rep. Fleming complain reminds me of this recent little beauty that has circled the web:


Today’s Gem Du Jour

So let me get this straight.  There is one party that wants everyone to vote, and the other that only wants the ‘right’ people to vote.

Forgive me if I’ve seen this before.

Some pigs are more equal than others.

Just pathetic.    You can add into this the redistricting that goes on every two years to make sure that those in Congress manipulate the lines on a map so that they fall into the advantages of the party in power.

To those that know me, know that I’ve often said that the constructs of our government system is to prevent dissent and to prevent the average person from ever getting involved in a meaningful way.  This is just another of those steps.